Welcome to Helena Montana’s own Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) chapter.

Please consider buying our annual calendar.  It gives member phone numbers.  It showcases our best photos.  It shows our events and events at nearby airfields.  The $20 cost just covers the material costs with the remainder being a donation.

Please contact the webmaster (see below) with any comments and questions.  Some things about our fledgling site.  You can comment on most pages and upload photos with comments.  Please email the webmaster things to go on the calendar.  There’s a search bar at the right for speedy searches.  Comments must be approved, and should be approved daily or soon thereafter.  The “Forum” page allows non members or members to dialogue back and forth free of signing up or approvals from the webmaster.  Lastly we have an email newsletter (see E-letter tab above) which is aimed to let subscribed members quickly email a massive group of other members.  This newsletter forum for now has a single base of people who may all quickly reach others about such things as (i.e, I’m at the airfield, float fly now at Clark’s Bay, build session Joe’s, etc).  If needed later I may make more lists to subscribe to.  I appreciate your time, and let me know how the webmaster may be of further assistance.

We hold Monthly meetings, second Thursday of each month at 7PM.  In good weather we’re at the Airfield (link).  Otherwise we meet at the Staggering Ox (link).

Please contact these people if you have any questions about model airplane flying, or our club in general:

President:  Travis Elbert.  406-431-5877

Secretary:  Ken Stewart.  406-980-1507

(Thursday build night) (map below):  Joe Longmire  406-431-5507

(Presidents Dad):  Leon Elbert:  406-933-5666

Webmaster:  Dave Warner.  406-437-8370    warner.david0@gmail.com

We encourage people new to the hobby to contact members, and show up at our airfield on a nice weather day.  Members do fly all days of the week in good weather.  Many club members are looking forward to training a new person on a “buddy box,” setup.  Please call someone listed above for more information about training on a buddy box, we are happy to accommodate all skill levels.  Come out and see us fly.  You may fly on a buddy box that day for free, who knows.  The club owns several airplanes and many members have their own trainer “buddy box,” and are more than happy to demonstrate and teach you to fly.

Every Thursday Evening (except big holidays like Christmas and New years 2014) we hold build sessions starting around 6pm at Joe Longmire’s Garage.  Map below Wilkinson Drive, Just south east of Walmart.  Many friendly faces and tons of help waiting.  Bring your projects and let friendly experts help you fix and assemble your projects, and of course, answer your questions, and tell stories and jokes.  We have all the tools you’ll need and friendly help to build your dream plane.


Soon, on the First and third Sunday, we will hold build sessions at another location, check back for details.

Each Helena Flying Tigers member is also an AMA member.  Our AMA Page (link).

Club dues are well worth it as they pay for things such as our new runway covering (see below).  35′ wide, 400′ long.  We have fences seen below and good taxiways.  We have support benches for tuning your idling engine.  We have tables.  Covered seating, ample parking, and helpful happy experienced folks.

Our Float fly is at Clarks Bay.  Link: <Link to Google Map>

Map for Float Fly below.   <Link to Google Map>


Check out a few of the planes this year!

Yellow Pipers at Clarks Bay, 2014. A great turnout.

Yellow Pipers at Clarks Bay, 2014. A great turnout.  Murmurs were heard about having the float fly at Clarks Bay, twice in 2015.

Yellow Pipers at Clarks Bay, 2014. A great turnout.  Murmurs were heard about having the float fly at Clarks Bay, twice in 2015.

Here are member names and phone numbers.


Other notes:

  • Purchasing our Calendar supports our organization.  The modest fee provides a color calendar with quality monthly photos of our organizations events.  Cost:  $20.
  • Our Altitude Limited Electric Soaring (ALES) Event is the biggest in the USA outside of the state of Pennsylvania.

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  1. Steven Haddon

    Hello. After many years, I am contemplating getting back into R/C flying. I started the sport when I was in high school but did not become proficient before I packed up for college and events beyond. I understand you meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at (at least in the winter) Staggering Ox. I would appreciate if you could advise if this is still your schedule.

    Thank you. Steve Haddon.


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